Cloudfinder & Avalon Innovation: A Nordic Collaboration For Cloud Services

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Combining forces to serve customers better — it’s a tried and true strategy in the business world. With the recent agreement between Cloudfinder and Google Apps enterprise reseller, Avalon Innovation, Swedish and Norwegian companies will gain access to Cloudfinder’s unique cloud backup service. What does this mean in practice? Companies of any size will have instant access to cloud-based data, and enjoy a significant reduction in cost for data storage and maintenance.

Cloudfinder CEO Marcus Nyman and his team designed Cloudfinder’s backup service to give IT professionals peace of mind when storing data in the cloud. Safe, reliable data storage. It helps you sleep better at night. So does knowing someone’s got your back — like a great partner.

Cloudfinder partners with Avalon InnovationCloudfinder partnered with Avalon for its professional and customer-focused sales reputation. According to Agnes Sävenstedt, Head of Avalon’s Cloud & IT Management, the company chose Cloudfinder to compliment their existing services, and in turn, offer companies previously hesitant about cloud-based data, a complete solution for moving their data to the cloud. The match just made sense.

Now, few would argue that the ease and greater flexibility of cloud-based solutions can invite risk. Lost data is understandably any company’s worst fear. But think about it, companies have faced risk before with their on-site databases in the form of fire, hardware theft, and breakage. Now with cloud computing, uncertainty has gripped some of us. We need to know our cloud-based data is actually safe and accessible.

So, here’s the good news. With Cloudfinder’s backup service, companies can securely archive all data in the cloud, and easily retrieve different versions or restore previous versions. Data-related activity can also be monitored. Throw in the advanced search features, and you’ve got a well- balanced backup solution that inspires confidence that moving e-mail, documents, and other sensitive company data to the cloud is the right (and safe) choice.

Cloudfinder gives you solid control over your cloud-based data, including support for Google Apps. But there’s more to come. Cloudfinder will add additional cloud services such as Salesforce in the fourth quarter of 2012. Subscribe to our RSS feed to receive the latest news on Cloudfinder’s services.

You can get Cloudfinder for Google App through a renewable, monthly subscription. Want to learn more? Check out the Cloudfinder home page for more information.

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