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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

When Cloudfinder partnered up with Google Apps reseller, Avalon Innovation, together we set an ambitious course for success. The right choices pave the way for good business after all, and the story is no different here. The newly minted collaboration recently acquired Axstores as a new customer. The order came through Avalon Innovation, Cloudfinder’s enterprise reseller.

Axstores is a major Nordic retail group which runs close to 400 stores and boutiques in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, including chain stores Kicks, Åhlens, and Lagerhaus. The popular retail group will use Cloudfinder’s cloud service for Google Apps to backup data such as emails and documents for its 2000+ users.

With Axstores data accessible from the cloud, employees gain the convenience and availability of Google Apps. Cloudfinder’s backup service will provide reliability and control of company data. And the result? Axstores customers get quicker service — making for happier customers at that!

Smart decision. Great cloud backup solution. Welcome Axstores!

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