Cloudfinder and VerkkoAps Team Up

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Customers of VerkkoAps, Finland’s leading Google Apps enterprise reseller, may soon get a new, valuable feature in their account. Cloudfinder will partner with VerkkoAps to provide Cloudfinder’s backup service for companies in Finland and Estonia. The service is used to backup, retrieve, search, and restore cloud-based data easily. Cloudfinder currently supports Google Apps, and will include Salesforce in the near future.

There’s good reason why Cloudfinder CEO Marcus Nyman is looking forward to the Finnish collaboration. VerkkoAps is a recognized player in the Finnish market that offers high quality implementation and expertise for cloud computing services. They support organizations of all sizes, and offer Google Apps deployment packages for project and change management, which include application training and support.

Cloudfinder cooperates with VerkkoapsWhether to assist companies already using cloud services or those still investigating the possibilities, the way forward looks promising for Cloudfinder’s backup service in Finland. As mentioned on their website, VerkkoAps manages over 100,000 Google Apps accounts. The partnership brings VerkkoAps customers both the flexibility of storing data in the cloud, and the confidence that reliable, secure backup provides.

So, what type of security can customers expect? Company data is stored in Cloudfinder’s SafeHaven Vault and encrypted with Server Side Encryption (SSE) using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), a powerful block cipher encryption standard. And don’t forget the automated data backup to guard against those unfortunate but common occurrences of user error, software conflicts, or hacking attempts.

What if data simply cannot be located? Cloudfinder’s powerful search and filtering tools allow you to find and restore critical data quickly and easily. And, if anything remains unclear, our eager customer support staff is standing by to assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cloudfinder for Google Apps is available as a per month-per user subscription. You can sign up for cloud backup services or try our 30-day free trial. Data storage is always unlimited! Read more on the Cloudfinder product page.

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