Cloudfinder Signs Reseller Agreement with Intelligence Partner for Spanish and Brazilian Markets

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

If you’re doing business in the Latin  market, you’ll want to know that Cloudfinder has now teamed up with Intelligence Partner, Spain’s largest reseller of Google Apps. This vital new partnership will allow Spanish and Brazilian markets to reap the benefits of Cloudfinder´s powerful cloud backup services.

But, why is this so important for you as a player in the global marketplace? As the first Spanish consultancy specializing in cloud computing, Intelligence Partner has a solid track record in the delivery and implementation of new cloud technologies. This, in combination with Intelligence Partner’s established presence in Brazil, will allow customers in both markets to take advantage of Cloudfinder’s safe and secure services, such as backup of Google documents and emails, integrated data synchronization, and fail-safe storage of critical mission documents.

Cloudfinder and Intelligence Partner

“Intelligence Partner is an extremely qualified company with major clients. Besides Google Apps, the focus is on Salesforce, which is perfect for us since Cloudfinder for Salesforce will soon be released,” says Marcus Nyman, CEO at Cloudfinder.

What does this new alliance mean for you a forward-thinking business owner? Rapid and rhythmic small to mid-sized business growth in Brazil in recent years has demanded a technology that keeps the pace. Cloudfinder has the kind of elasticity made for this kind of fast-track expansion. Spain, coming back to recover from leaner times in Europe, may just leapfrog businesses back into a more robust economic fold. By anticipating this growth and utilizing Cloudfinder’s capabilities, a company operating in this market will be ready for an enormous influx of data that will need to be managed and kept secure.

Lastly, global business owners need to pay close attention to the Latino market, particularly Brazil, whose meteoritic growth in recent years all but eclipses the European and American markets. How companies in these emerging (and re-emerging) markets handle their business data will often be a predictor of their successes. Stay tuned…

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