Google Drive down. Another reason to access your secure data with Cloudfinder backup…

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Whether it was that deadline missed or that document you couldn’t access in time in time to satisfy your transatlantic sale because Google got too crowded to respond, you would have eliminated a lot of stress had you used Cloudfinder to back up your company’s vital information.

When you realize that the panic that erupts when your information becomes off limits, even temporarily, can be avoided with a simple fix – Cloudfinder – then you’ll appreciate what a great solution it is for your company’s data backup and storage. Yes, Google Apps is a highly capable and extremely affordable solution for both large and small companies, but its democratic nature makes it easier to topple from time to time. For companies like yours – businesses that cannot afford to guess about access to their data – when used in tandem with Cloudfinder, you can rest assured your company won’t be crippled by app out-ages that force you to operate in crisis mode. Important information is always there with a couple of clicks of a mouse. Think of the time you’ll save when you eliminate worrying about your data…and a small price for peace of mind.

Skip the daily panic attacks. As a first step, install and evaluate Cloudfinder in 30 days for free. See exactly how it feels to be able to track information and locate documents with ease, while knowing that your data is backed up, secure and available when you need it, centralized and synchronized. This will undoubtedly pay dividends in productivity and creativity, as well as time saved and peace of mind. I’m sure a panic-free month will prove that Cloudfinder backup services for your company is the stress-free way to go.

Cloudfinder for Google Apps

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