Do You Really Need a Backup Solution for Your Cloud Services?

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

I guess you already know the answer we are going to give, don’t you? Of course the answer is a resounding YES! But I know what you are saying, “doesn’t the cloud service I use already have backup copies of my data?” Well yes and no.

Cloud services like Salesforce, Google Apps (Gmail, Drive, etc.), Office 365 and others are concerned with business continuity not data backup. So what these services do is create redundant systems to ensure that their services are always available to their customers with little to no downtime. So even though they may have many different copies of your data on many different and geographically disparate servers, they don’t really back up your data. And this can be a problem.

Look at it this way. If your data gets corrupted, erased or hacked, how are you going to recover that information? Sure your cloud service provider has multiple copies of your data, but those copies are usually synced, so when one piece of data on one server is compromised, so is the data on all the other redundant systems. Steve Wozniak found out the hard way about the perils of not backing up your cloud services data. In a post he wrote on Gizmodo, Apple’s co-founder explains how a calendar application he used, BusyCal, deleted one of his Google calendars when he upgraded to Mountain Lion.

The problem is compounded by the very nature of cloud computing. Cloud service providers centralize your data so many different people can access it for a variety of business reasons from a variety of locations. Although this is one of the great benefits of cloud services it also is the source for one of its biggest vulnerabilities. With so many people accessing the same pool of data, the likelihood of an accidental deletion, attack, virus or corruption increases. In fact, according to a research report from the IT Policy Compliance Group, human error, in one form or another, account for 75% of data loss. In other words, we are the biggest threat to our own data.

This is why having a clean backup of your data is so important.

Utilizing a cloud backup provider enables you to easily and effortlessly back up your mission critical data and restore it just as quickly. Cloud backup services can usually be set to back up data on a set schedule, from weekly down to continuous backup that captures every key stroke. Most companies find that daily backups serve their purposes. Plus, cloud backup services are usually completely automated. So you never have to worry if someone remembered to do a backup.

Obviously we would like you to consider Cloudfinder as your cloud services backup provider (check our site for the many reasons why we think we are the best choice). But the bottom line is that if you rely on cloud services like Salesforce, Office 365, Google Apps and others, then you should definitely utilize a cloud backup provider to ensure your business data is safe.

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