Cloudfinder launches CRM backup for Salesforce

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Whatever stuff you’re selling, Cloudfinder’s new alliance with Salesforce can help grow your business…

Closing a sale in a timely manner often means you need instant access to vital information and emails whether on-site on the road. Now that Cloudfinder, the leader in cloud service backup, offers complete CRM data protection to companies using Salesforce, missing information won’t stop you from clinching a deal. Cloudfinder monitors cloud services and automatically backs up data, while providing search and filtering tools that enable a business to quickly locate crucial data across multiple sources. No wonder businesses across the globe are realizing the benefits of securing valuable company data in a platform like Cloudfinder that not only allows easy access to important files and emails, but also allows users to track trends and analyze input across multiple platforms.

Cloudfinder for Salesforce

Cloudfinder is essentially a cloud-based backup system for emails, documents, CRM, and virtually any other type of data you may want to protect. But what’s unique about Cloudfinder is how quickly and easily you can find backed-up information from a single search, even across multiple sources such as Salesforce, Office 365, and Google Apps. The company plans to make Cloudfinder compatible with several more cloud services in coming months.

This is how it works. Cloudfinder for Salesforce takes a daily, automated backup of Salesforce data and documents. Cloudfinder then stores this information in SafeHaven, its aptly named backup archive. SafeHaven uses state-of-the-art server-side encryption (SSE) and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) — security measures that make it virtually impossible to tamper with data. Cloudfinder also provides a second, provider-independent, backup location that protects against service issues, user mistakes, and malicious attacks.

“Salesforce recommends that their users perform an independent backup of Salesforce CRM data, and, of course, we agree with that recommendation,” says Daniel Kärrholm, CTO of Cloudfinder. “Our system not only provides extremely cost-effective and reliable backup that’s literally plug-and-play, but also excellent information management, especially for customers backing up more than one cloud service in Cloudfinder.”

Miguel Esteban, Managing Director of Intelligence Partner, a Cloudfinder partner and Salesforce consultant in Spain and Brazil, confirmed this need. “We see great demand for daily Salesforce backup. With Cloudfinder, we will be able to deliver an affordable solution that is easy to use and extremely secure.”

Cloudfinder for Salesforce is currently is being offered as a fully functioning beta version at a reduced price, for up to 12 months, through selected resellers. For more information about Cloudfinder for Salesforce, click here.

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