How to Choose the Right Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for your Organization

Monday, July 15th, 2013

If you’ve been tasked with choosing a backup solution for your company’s cloud apps, the following key questions can help you pick a cloud security service that best suits your organization’s present and future needs.

Cloud computing services

Does the provider back up more than just cloud data?

Cloud evangelists preach about ditching onsite servers and moving completely to the cloud. The reality for the foreseeable future, however, is that most mid-to-large businesses will likely split their data between the cloud and onsite servers. In this case, you’ll want to find a simplified solution for server backup for your organization that allows you to integrate cloud data with server data.

Does the provider cover multiple applications?

Even if you’re only using Google Apps right now, in all likelihood that could change in the future as your company expands and becomes increasingly reliant on cloud services. Instead of choosing from the cloud restore services that only offer Google Apps recovery, opt for one that covers a wider spectrum (Google Apps, Salesforce backup, Office 365 backup, and others). A cloud backup that’s comprehensive enough to accommodate your organization’s growth is a more cost-effective and future-proof solution.

What are the cross-platform management capabilities?

IT professionals who once controlled data management from their servers now experience a sense of “data scatter” in which the responsibility of retrieving and managing data still falls on them. However, that data may now be out of their control, spread out on a number of cloud servers. A cloud backup that features solid cross-platform search and oversight capabilities can give IT back some of that control necessary to manage and analyze data across multiple cloud applications in addition to their onsite servers.

What is the Interface Like?

Before purchasing a cloud backup provider, test-drive the interface through a free trial to get a sense of what type of features it offers and how it fits into your organization. For example, if your company uses more than one cloud app, or has the potential to in the future, you might want to look for an interface that allows you to handle multiple apps from a single window.

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