The difference between Google Apps Vault and cloud backup…

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

…and why understanding the difference is crucial to your business


A January 2013 report by the Aberdeen Group showed that, of the companies using SaaS services, 32% have reported losing data. So, it’s no wonder that companies are concerned about data safety—especially when it comes to cloud computing.

Recently, there has been confusion over the role of backup and the role of archiving. These are two very different services used for two completely different purposes. In order to effectively safeguard your business, it is important to understand the difference between an email archiving solution, like Google Apps Vault, and a cloud backup solution, like Cloudfinder.

When do I use an archiving solution (e.g., Google Apps Vault)?

Archiving solutions, such as Google Apps Vault, are designed around the eDiscovery and compliance needs of lawyers and regulators. They are intended for storing information that you no longer need to access, but need to keep for compliance, litigation, or auditing requirements. Google Apps Vault continually stores every email as they are created and makes it impossible to delete them. It also allows you to search and export specific emails as needed. As an archiving tool, these are valuable features. However, Google Apps Vault only stores emails — it does not perform a comprehensive backup. In addition, data from an archive cannot be restored. Therefore, in the event of data loss, the archive would be of little help to IT managers or their users.

When do I use a backup solution (e.g., Cloudfinder for Google Apps)?

Cloud backup solutions, like Cloudfinder for Google Appsare designed around the needs of IT managers and users. They are intended to swiftly restore access to information you need in the event of data loss due to user error, hackers, disgruntled employees, or third-party apps. Cloudfinder creates a copy of emails and all other Google Apps data three times a day. Using a backup service like Cloudfinder is the only way to ensure that you have a secure copy of all your critical business data (emails and more), along with tools for searching and quickly restoring any type of content in the event of data loss. In addition, a backup solution gives you a service-independent second location for access to your data.

Google Apps Vault versus Cloudfinder

Google Apps Vault versus Cloudfinder

Bottom Line

All companies using cloud services need to have a reliable cloud backup solution like Cloudfinder for Google Apps in place to quickly restore data and minimize disruption to the business in the event of data loss. Some companies who have eDiscovery and compliance requirements should also have an archiving solution like Google Apps Vault in place (in addition to their backup service) to quickly access and export emails and instant messages required by legal or regulatory authorities.

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