3 reasons resellers and cloud service brokers (CSB) are important for cloud backup

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

At Cloudfinder we work with really good resellers and CSBs in over 10 countries. Companies in this space range from pure players focusing on reselling a single product, e.g. Google Apps, to companies like Avalon Innovation that put together a portfolio of cloud apps.

But wait, wasn’t the Internet supposed to kill the middlemen? With one major sales argument for cloud services being the online availability, doesn’t it seem like a paradox to sell this through resellers instead of through your own website?

Our experience is, it’s a really good idea to do both. We’re not alone either, Gartner believes 20% of all cloud services will be sold through CSBs already in 2015. In certain segments, e.g. enterprise size Google Apps projects, the number is already much higher.

What drives this trend? Here are three reasons why I believe cloud app resellers and CSBs are becoming increasingly important:

  1. Cloud projects are becoming larger and more complex. Change management, training and support requires skilled staff close to the customer. A staff speaking their language, understanding their situation, understanding the system the customer is moving to, as well as the system they are moving away from.

  2. Multi-vendor projects are increasingly common. We work with customers using both SFDC and Google Apps. It does not make a lot of sense for customers to entrust the integration of these systems to either vendor. A specialist reseller with knowledge from both systems is much better suited to do this.

  3. The one-size-fits-all model is dying. A reseller with a well thought out product portfolio has a strong case in front of a customer since the focus can shift from product features to customer needs and the optimal customer specific solution.

Do you work with resellers as a buyer or vendor, or are you a reseller yourself? Please drop me a note with your thoughts to marcus.nyman@cloudfinder.com

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