Why architecture matters when selecting a cloud-to-cloud backup service

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Architecture may not be the first thing you think of when assessing a cloud backup service, however, it can be a very limiting factor for your organization down the road. Architecture refers to the way that various hardware and software components were created and networked to achieve a purpose from the start. As you know, it is very difficult for an architecture designed for one purpose to serve another. From the beginning, Cloudfinder’s purpose has been to serve enterprises with backup services for multiple platforms that not only secure data, but also put that data to work for the business once it is secured. We do this by making your information easy to search and quick to restore. We also provide powerful tools to visualize and analyze your data. This provides security while giving you more control and greater understanding of your data. An example of this can be seen in our search capabilities. We are one of the only backup services whose architecture allows our users to search or analyze data across all software platforms and accounts from a single query. This is a handy feature today, and, as companies place more data across different cloud platforms, it will become critical to your data management in the not-so-distant future. Our architecture was designed to serve this purpose from the onset. It has been carefully planned to allow us to pursue our development objectives along these lines as we evolve the Cloudfinder product. This design has not only resulted in a complete cloud backup system that offers the most reliable and secure backup available today, but also a system that will continue to meet the needs of your users and enterprise moving forward.

Cloudfinder Architecture

Cloudfinder Architecture

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