At Cloudfinder we eat our own dog food

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

For us as a software development team, it’s so cool using our own product like a regular customer (a.k.a. eating your own dog food), and getting perfect results and having a great user experience. Only yesterday we had to look for around 20 files and emails. We weren’t really sure who had originally received or created these, so I asked our support manager to search our own Cloudfinder archive across all user accounts using the most likely keywords I could think of and a date range to limit results further. BOOM. We found all of the data in three different user accounts, through only a couple of searches. In fact almost all of the files and emails belonged to a deleted Google Apps account, so without Cloudfinder, there would have been NO way of retrieving the data. Now, it took less than a minute to find it and get it back into the Google Apps account where it was needed, allowing us to continue the project. I may be slightly biased, but I think Cloudfinder is awesome! If you’ve been in a situation like the one I described, and did not have Cloudfinder in place already, please immediately go and grab a free trial license for your company here, and then if you would like to share the story with me, email Seacrest Out.

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