Takeaway points from the Salesforce Customer Company Tour

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

I’m just back from a Salesforce customer and partner event for the Nordic countries, kind of a dress rehearsal for Dreamforce, and here are my three key takeaway points:
  1. Of the 3 customer stories from companies I saw on stage, the youngest was founded in 1951 and the oldest in 1853. Cloud solutions are not only for startups.
  2. We all know “People, Process, Technology”. Every single customer case presented, zeroed in on People and Process, with Technology a distant third.
  3. Customer success through individual solution design, using custom applications and third party solutions from the AppExchange, is increasingly common. The one-size-fits all approach, if it ever existed, is no more. This is consistent with the People and Process first approach, since Technology is flexible enough to easily adapt.
Writing as a software developer selling an automated backup solution for Salesforce, I’m quite pleased with all of the above. Here is why:
On average, mature companies are more security conscious than startups. Also, we’ve specifically designed Cloudfinder to create a safe environment in the SaaS application we protect, where user mistakes are easily rectified so fewer restrictions are needed. Finally, we of course like to see the new breed of educated and discerning customers and integrators cherry picking best of breed software solutions to complement a core service such as Salesforce.
I look forward to Dreamforce in November. If you’re also going there and want to meet up, drop me a note at marcus.nyman@cloudfinder.com. Seacrest out

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