The Cloudfinder for Google Apps School – Restoring a Calendar

In Google Apps, once you delete a calendar, it’s practically impossible to restore it from within Google Apps. Even a single deleted event is very hard to recover, as described by Google here. In Cloudfinder, you can easily search for individual events based on any keywords and date filter, and you can just as easily…

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Enter the Risk Matrix

In a blog post two weeks ago I wrote about our customers best reasons for backing up SaaS data. I mentioned the business risk calculated as Risk = Probability x Consequence To break it down and create a reasonable amount of scenarios, the matrix below is pretty useful for SaaS application usage: If we are…

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A peek into the crystal ball

This weekend I chanced upon and re-read my final University Thesis on Software Licensing from a Law and Economics Perspective. That’s how wild a weekend at the Nyman residence can be. I realized when reading that my predictions about the future of licensing models came out right on the money. Especially the move away from…

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Why architecture matters when selecting a cloud-to-cloud backup service

Architecture may not be the first thing you think of when assessing a cloud backup service, however, it can be a very limiting factor for your organization down the road. Architecture refers to the way that various hardware and software components were created and networked to achieve a purpose from the start. As you know,…

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Here are our customers’ best arguments for backing up their SaaS data. What’s yours?

Using a backup service for business critical data in Google Apps, Salesforce or Office 365 is a natural decision for a rapidly growing number of enterprises and SMBs. We are certainly not surprised, nor are we complaining about this trend. What’s fascinating is the diversity in motives and decision drivers. Here are some of the…

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