Why architecture matters when selecting a cloud-to-cloud backup service

Architecture may not be the first thing you think of when assessing a cloud backup service, however, it can be a very limiting factor for your organization down the road. Architecture refers to the way that various hardware and software components were created and networked to achieve a purpose from the start. As you know,…

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The Top 5 Barriers to Cloud Adoption (and How to Overcome Them)

Data centers as ecosystems, low-power processors, and a shift to modular software are just some of the changes predicted for cloud computing by 2020 in an article by ZDNet. In order for us to evolve toward this future in the cloud, however, there are still a number of barriers standing in the way of cloud…

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3 reasons resellers and cloud service brokers (CSB) are important for cloud backup

At Cloudfinder we work with really good resellers and CSBs in over 10 countries. Companies in this space range from pure players focusing on reselling a single product, e.g. Google Apps, to companies like Avalon Innovation that put together a portfolio of cloud apps. But wait, wasn’t the Internet supposed to kill the middlemen? With…

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Cloud Environmentalism: What Makes the Cloud Green and How Can It Go Even Greener?

“Green cloud computing” refers to the ways in which cloud computing lessens the environmental impact imposed by traditional computing in the areas of energy consumption and carbon emissions, as well as with manufacturing and distribution of goods. IT professionals already know about the direct benefits that the cloud provides to enterprises (reduced cost, scalability, and…

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5 Tips to Help your Enterprise Switch to Google Apps

May was definitely a good month for Google this year, with two major enterprises announcing their decision to switch to Google Apps within just days of one another. The City of Boston migrated 20,000 of its employees to Google Apps, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) switched 12,000 employees over in a 90-day rollout. Whether…

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