Heartbleed and why backup is as necessary in the age of SaaS as ever before

The OpenSSL vulnerability dubbed Heartbleed (the real name is CVE-2014-0160) that shocked the world earlier this week, may have been effectively dealt with in in most large SaaS services by now. Google announced on April 9 that most services, including Google Apps, were patched and secured. Salesforce patched already April 7. Microsoft determined that Office…

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Gmail accounts affected by misfiling – Remember to check before February 14!

If Gmail accounts in your organization were affected by the misfiling of messages that occurred in Gmail between January 15 and January 21, you should have been informed about this from Google or your IT team, like this message to UCLA users. This was a global issue that caused some actions performed such as deleting…

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Cloudfinder to the rescue – another Google Apps service interruption

Between February 6 and 7 several Google Apps accounts were hit by service interruptions lasting up to 5 hours. Any company with potentially business critical email, needs a second location backup. With Cloudfinder for Google Apps, in the event of service interruptions from Google, critical information is always accessible directly from Cloudfinder.  

The Google Apps Outage on Jan. 24 – Why Google is still great, but you NEED backup

Friday January 24, 10% of all Google Apps users experienced an hour of downtime, and many more had service interruptions for at least 30 minutes. This is not the first time GMail, Drive, or even good old Postini, have been out for minutes or hours. In 2013 we blogged and tweeted a number of these…

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Cloudfinder attends Dreamforce 2013

The need to protect important CRM data increases as more businesses move to the cloud where data loss due to corrupted data import or third party applications is not covered. Cloudfinder takes the opportunity at Dreamforce to show resellers and customers the market’s most advanced cloud-to-cloud backup for Salesforce. Cloudfinder’s new version for backup for…

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