Cloudfinder updates backup protection for Salesforce users

The need for automated and reliable Salesforce backup is huge. That’s the reason why Cloudfinder has upgraded the Salesforce cloud backup solution for business. As from today Cloudfinder offers a new version with improved capacity for very large accounts and new integrated restore features. The user interface have gone through a complete redesign, making it…

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Cloudfinder now protects Microsoft Office 365 users

More and more companies are realizing that cloud service providers only cover data loss due to failures on their end. That means that in order to protect your data against events such as user mistakes and external intrusion, you will need to have a backup strategy. Our cloud backup platform now comprises Office 365, providing…

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Backup for SaaS data is unnecessary, until it isn’t

A common question our sales team gets goes something like this: “Why do we need extra backup, we’re buying a service from [Google Apps, Salesforce, Office 365], shouldn’t they make sure our data isn’t lost?” It’s a good and valid question that we at Cloudfinder keep coming back to. There are numerous studies, like this…

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The Cloudfinder for Google Apps School – Restoring information to Drive

In Google Apps, information that is deleted in Drive is eventually permanently deleted without any chance of recovering it. That is, unless you have a Cloudfinder backup. VIDEO: Here’s how to restore information to Google Drive using Cloudfinder To try this for yourself, pick up a free trial for your Google Apps domain, and stay safe in the…

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The Cloudfinder for Google Apps School – Restoring a Calendar

In Google Apps, once you delete a calendar, it’s practically impossible to restore it from within Google Apps. Even a single deleted event is very hard to recover, as described by Google here. In Cloudfinder, you can easily search for individual events based on any keywords and date filter, and you can just as easily…

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